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78% of customers buy from the first company to respond

Be that first company.  Connect and convert more prospects, and bury your competition. 

80% of all leads receive too few calls

As a result of giving up too soon, only 27% of online leads ever get contacted. With Speak2Leads all Internet leads become incoming calls to you. If you don't connect-don't worry. We'll keep track of all of your leads for you and call you back to try again at optimum intervals. 

Integration is a snap! Get up and running today

Speak2Leads connects with Unbounce with just the click of a button, or if you post to a CRM like Infusionsoft or Salesforce, no problem. We can even work with emails!

100% visibility into the effort made against every lead

33% of all leads receive an email, but no phone call. That's not going to cut it. Now you can sleep well knowing every lead gets maxium effort. 

Our Lead Performance Dashboard displays immediate lead connection results and charts all progress, including real-time effort made by every sales rep.

Rep performance dashboard
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