“I didn't think speed would be such a big deal, but immediately upon implementing the Speak2Leads system, our advertisers saw a massive improvement in their conversion rates. There was a conversion explosion within the first two weeks and lead conversion has increased by 300%!”

Richard Jacobs/ Owner
Prominent Online Legal Directory

Selling is Hard. We Make It Easy.

Speak2Leads automatically turns your Internet leads into phone calls to your sales team. Any time. Any where

Quick and Easy Setup

Use an Unbounce webhook or send form data via email or post.

Studies Show
78% of leads that convert will do so with the first company to call them back.

If you call a new lead within 60 seconds, your chances of converting that lead increases 500%. Yet, only 1% of all leads get called in the first 60 seconds.

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Persistence Pays Off
72% of leads are reached after 2 calls... 48% of leads never receive more than 1 call.  

Lead follow up is automatic. S2L re-attempts call if lead is not reached on initial attempt(s) at predetermined intervals.

Lead Valet™ - Queues up after-hour leads then automatically calls your reps when they arrive for work the next business day.

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